New Community Prayer Time and Adiós

Fellowship North prays for Ines

I only had two questions to answer last week at New Community. Oh but they were charged with emotion, prayer, seeking God’s will, courage, a dash of fear, and a leap of faith.

What are you doing? [What AM I doing?! I ask myself that, too!] 

I am moving to California with my husband Rob and son Nash, to pursue a Master’s of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary. Our family has sought the Lord and believe this is His calling for all of our lives in this season. I’m most excited about getting equipped, trained, and sharpening all the tools in my toolbox to better prepare me for pastoral ministry. I’m looking forward to the actual classroom time, returning to academic writing, and being stretched and challenged (I may not be saying this come the end of the school term!). We also have the added gift to have our bestest friends Bobby and Amy, who are ahead of us in the journey, to do life together with, as we also seek new community in school, neighborhood and church.

My husband Rob is my biggest cheerleader and without him sacrificially loving me like Christ loves the Church, this calling and dream would not be possible. Rob will continue working from home, thankfully!

Our son Nash will start 1st grade, and he’s looking forward to making new friends, going to the beach, possibly Legoland, and hanging out with his buddy Abe Harrison.

Diane interviews Ines on her calling to seminary and ways people can support us

How can we pray for you?

Thank you for asking that!

First, would you pray about praying for us? Prayer is life. There’s power in prayer. It sustains you, and my biggest fear is that I will be forgotten. Not in a selfish “oh people will forget who I am” way. But I eagerly seek your remembrance in your prayers. I don’t want to be thought of as “oh they’re moving to California”, but instead “we’re being sent to California by the Body of Christ”. We want to thrive and not just survive. We cannot do this without our faith family sustaining our oneness in marriage, parenting, seminary, and life in general. So come with us on this adventure in prayer! It is our biggest need. And I would count it an honor and a privilege to be part of your regular prayer life.

Second, a friend of mine recently reminded me that God’s plans outmatch any of our carefully laid-out plans. Some things have not worked as I had carefully planned them. I believe God has allowed this in order to destroy my self-sufficiency and force me to lean into Him and into others. I had hoped that I would get some significant academic and private scholarships, yet I was not selected for them. Then we put our house on the market so we could pay for school, but we didn’t even get one offer on the house. So we are moving to California having significantly reduced our income while also significantly increasing our expenses. We thank God for Rob’s job that will help provide for us, but we have a small gap of finances needed for living and school expenses. If you’d like to partner with us financially, Fellowship North has graciously set up a seminary fund so that any donations can be channeled through here (and will be tax-deductible). We’d love to talk to any of you who would like to give any one-time or regular gifts. It also would be an honor if you joined us in this adventure and realize this is a huge sacrifice for you.

Fellowship North prays for Ines

So here I am. 2 days away from driving both our vehicles some 1650 miles west. We would love to stay connected to you! You can subscribe to this newsletter where we will try to give a monthly update (at least) on our life adventure in this season.

The Monthly Support page has details on how you can support us financially.

with much love and hugs,


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