Kingdom Communion

Ines preached on Communion at Own Your Faith

On July 30, Ines was given the opportunity to preach at a friend’s church – The Vine @ Own Your Faith in Stevenson Ranch, CA.

She writes, “The King deserves the reward for his suffering. A part of that reward is to be a united race, class, gender, age, etc. as we take communion. It is not an individual exercise, but instead it is a practice or liturgy can turn our hearts toward each other in brother and sisterhood as well as toward Jesus in oneness with Him.”

Listen to her message using the player below:


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  1. Sara Villafane says: Reply

    I loved to hear, we keep being one big family in the lord,
    and you are right we must have that relationship with God vertical and horizontal with the rest of the people.
    God Bless you cousin!!.

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