Forgiven And Faithful

Ines anointing women with oil at Own Your Faith's the Vine worship service

Jesus did not try and protect his credibility or reputation when questioned by the Pharisees in Luke 7. Instead he defended the uninvited, unnamed woman’s dignity. He forgave the woman who was called a sinner since she recognized him and loved/worship him greatly. Jesus welcomes women to the table, to the party too.

As she posted on Instagram…

To my nieces, sisters, young girls, mujeres, amigas, women, here’s a reminder that God has made space for you in the kingdom so pull up a chair. Preach, teach, speak, proclaim! Make much of God’s grace.


This morning I had the honor of preaching at my friend Phil’s church (Own Your Faith) for their sermon series: SHE: God Made Space for Her in the Kingdom. Today I give a shout out to my husband and fellow pastors & brothers who champion, cultivate and honor the image of god in their sisters…men who see us as fellow heirs and co-heirs in Christ. It became holy ground when I anointed every woman, old and babies, with oil on their forehead, and watching the men extend their hands in prayer during that time. Thank you to the @own_your_faith community for extending such genuine, loving hospitality.

Listen to Ines’ message on Luke 7:36-50 below.

You can watch the video here: Facebook Live

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